Anime Eye Shapes

On this page, we will study with you various ways of drawing eyes in anime style. Eye shapes, plus details: eyelashes, glare, eyebrows. Perhaps, we will begin with them.

You can draw eyes simple and complex. Difficulty usually differs by the number of colors in the eyes, the level of shadows and glare. You can draw just a couple of highlights - these are standard anime eyes. You can make five highlights - this is already a little more complicated and certainly more beautiful. Flare is a large dot that spreads toward the edges. The largest, main highlight will always be turned in the direction of the world.

Eyelashes are also drawn in different ways. They can take the form of a simple arrow, the shape of a spike, a fan from individual cilia, or a fan from arrows.

Eyebrows - one line with a different bend, a line and several hairs, a bundle of coarse hair. It all depends on what kind of character is transmitted and what kind of emotions the character carries. All these details can convey the characteristics of each hero. In general, we can assume that every character in an anime or manga carries a set of these details that is already selected for him. These details are different from the rest. But all the methods of drawing eyes in one anime are not used, since you must also take into account the style of drawing in a particular anime.

Anime Eye Shapes

All forms of eyes in anime style, types, can be divided into the main, most prominent of the total mass:

  • A semicircle. Almost flat upper or lower part, the second half - looks almost perfect semicircle.
  • The egg. Both parts (top and bottom) are rounded, but the bottom is more pointed.
  • Fish. The eye of this species looks narrower than in the two previous cases, the left and right corners look pointed.
  • Butterfly wing. It looks like a “fish”, but the eye is wider and the lines are smoother, and the angles are less sharp.

In order to remember these forms, you need to practice. Copy. Do not think that you can take and come up with some kind of your own form and draw it, saying at the same time, "I see this, I feel that way." Do not forget, here you need to adhere to the tradition of drawing in the style of anime. You will invent later.

Next, we will draw the shape of the eyes in the style of anime already more detailed. There are ready-made templates for this, you can learn from them.

First eye shape:

The eyes are very expressive, with a wiring. The pupil is not drawn in black here, it is slightly outlined in the same color as the iris. There is no clear outline between the iris and the pupil. Add a couple of small point flares, highlight the bottom of the iris - the eye will come to life and sparkle. The iris is more densely transmitted to the edges, also under a large main glare. Do not forget about the line of the upper eyelid. It is enough to make it as shown in the figure, in several or one line. In color, just add a shadow. I will draw with colored pencils. You can do it with me. You can draw with paints, but pencils will now be easier. Eye color you can choose what you like, but it should not be too light. In this anime drawing style, the eyes are conveyed in dark tones. Therefore, it turns out especially mysterious. Take good colored pencils. The more colors, the better. Anime generally loves color. Proceed:

I take juicy colors. Cover the main color planes with color. Until you need to dial, keep the light on. You can always add shadows. Then start working on the tone, add shadows:

That's about how you should get it. Note: I do not draw eyebrows in black. I use red-brown, black, blue. The color of the eyebrow from this only becomes more interesting and juicier, more picturesque. This is also the case with everything else. My body color came from two shades of brown. Below is the source - the work of the artist Yukire Nagasaki. Take it into your arsenal and train yourself:

Color you can change. But remember, you do not need to take light eyes in this embodiment. The face itself can, of course, be drawn. It will not work, it's okay. The very construction of the face and how to draw it, we will still disassemble. But already in this work you can see how the nose is drawn in the style of anime and the mouth in the style of anime. And anime style hair too. In the anime, this is not given as much importance as the eyes. The eyes are a mirror of the soul, and the souls of anime characters (see anime genres) are very multifaceted, so this topic is given so much attention. Below are the following anime-style eye shapes and original drawings.

Anime Eye Shapes

Below is the following eye shape and the work of Watase Yui. The work was done with the approach of watercolor painting, watercolor, and therefore it seems so transparent. The line of eyelashes to the corners narrows and softens, there is the presence of many small cilia. The iris is large, almost round. The pupil, as a rule, with a large glare of the color of the iris. Eyes are obtained with a veil. A few bright white small highlights at the top (emphasized, as usual, with a deep shadow) and translucent lines with rays around the circumference. The eyelid line exactly repeats the eyelash line. Only a few thin eyelashes are drawn here. The bulk is concentrated in the corners of the eye, but there is also along the entire line of the eyelids. The lines of such eyelashes are made smooth and curved. Eye color is in bright colors:

Below is the following diagram and the work of the artist Miyu. This is a typical female eye type with arrows. A large, round pupil, the upper arc of the eyelashes bends as close as possible to the outer corner of the eye. The eyelash arrow can bend up or down. When you add a black stroke along the edge of the iris, the look becomes deeper. The peculiarity of this style is the large bean-like glare that makes the look moist. And the more flare comes into the protein, the more voluminous the eye will look - the iris will go into the depth of the eyeball, and will not be drawn on its surface. A shadow is necessarily added to the flare:

Next comes one of the most common forms, the “vampire look”. The narrower the eye and the more slanting, the more the character seems angrier, more cunning. Also, this shape of the eye is more common in male characters. In this form, the iris is half covered by the upper eyelid. Can hide behind and more. Glare is drawn small, often triangular or horizontal, as if emphasizing the very shape of the eye. Very angry, negative, or gloomy characters may not have glare at all:

Next in line, we have the shape of the eye, which is called "five cents eyes." All the "kawaii" heroines of the anime genre - "kawaii" are endowed with such large rounded eyes. The longer the eyelashes, the more glare and the innocent look, the better this image is conveyed. With a squint, the eyelashes form a whole fur pillow, which looks strange, but very unusual and beautiful.

The next eye shape is the eye-fish. Two distinct arcs of eyelashes are drawn, the upper with a sharp corner. Make it longer - get a more feminine character, in short, more masculine. The iris is drawn perfectly round with a black stroke. In the area of the main flare, the stroke is interrupted, after which it is carried out again. For example, the character of the anime artist Hiea is taken.

The next type is "raking eyelashes." Here, in an amazing way, the eyes are really obtained in the face, in some cases more. The upper line of the eyelashes has two distinct angles, the lower is rounded to the outer corner or ends with a small arrow. The iris is very vertically elongated, with a large number of ovoid glare and may not go under the eyelid at all. Eyelashes as thick as curled. Eyes set sideways to each other. This type of eye is a distinctive feature of the characters in the anime Slayers.

The next shape of the eye is the "egg." In most cases, such eyes are drawn if you want to convey the youth of the character. And the bigger they are, the more youthful the character. But, of course, there are exceptions, as shown below. A fairly simple eyelash line is drawn - two curves, a giant iris draws all the attention. With such sizes, there is where to turn around, so there are a few flares, very juicy. Artist - Mintna bakura:

In fact, there are many more ways to draw eyes in anime. Click next - how to learn how to draw a head in anime.