How to draw a head in anime style - part 2

The first part of the material "how to draw a head in anime style" is here, and on this page is continued.

Method 3:
Draw the steps in front of the head:

Step 1 Draw a circle. Draw a vertical axis. Divide the circle horizontally with a dashed line.

Step 2 Draw a V-shaped jaw. Divide the entire resulting volume horizontally equally. This line will be below the dotted line. Mark the neck.

Step 3 The eyes are drawn on a clear horizontal line, the dotted eyebrow. The nose is vertical, it ends on the bottom line of the circle. The mouth is lower. Place your ears and mouth as we saw in the first lesson.

Step 4 We draw hair. To make your face narrower, just make your circle look more like an oval:

Now the same head side view. The ears and hairstyle are different. When plotting the outline of your face, use the straight line you draw down as a guideline to outline your nose, mouth, and chin. How low you draw the line, and accordingly place your chin, the character of the face will change so much:

Now the same principle, but this time a female head. It will be drawn with softer, smoother lines:

Three-quarter turn of the head.

Well, at the end, rear view. The principle is the same:

How to draw an anime style head

Next, consider another option for drawing the head. One “but” is a three- quarter turn. The artist did not explain how he is being built here completely and there can be problems with the construction of the jaw. Most likely, construction lines are taken by eye.

Method 4:
I draw immediately in three projections - facets, in profile and in three quarters:

Step 1 Make the markup:

Step 2 All sizes are fixed. In the figure in the middle, the green line for marking the chin is slightly longer:

Step 3 Draw as here:

Step 4 Round the corners and add details. All parts have a fixed location on the head:

Step 5 Add colors !:

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