How to learn to draw

This tutorial will help you learn to draw. Here you can get lessons on watercolor painting, lessons in color science, academic drawing lessons, basic design lessons. Simplicity in presentation and phasing gives you the opportunity to easily learn lesson material. Simply put, the site will meet you in clear and not complicated drawings. Learning is carried out gradually, the site will lead you to learning more complex things starting with the simplest.

How to learn to draw not only with a simple pencil, but also with other art materials.

And how to apply creativity and the ability to draw in your daily lives.

The site has a different educational material. Much has been done on it by the author of the site, a lot has been gleaned by him from the most diverse sources. In order to learn. Learn not only to the site visitor, but also to the author himself. And not only learn to draw. Site is a kind of "box" of many lessons, notes, cheat sheets and ideas, applying which we can learn something together, each in its own way. Therefore you need to perceive the information on this site only as an assistant but by no means as an axiom or irrefutable truth, leaving yourself the opportunity to think independently. It is necessary to look, analyze yourself, put everything in doubt and use deliberately. Sometimes the author of the site needs advice and support. And if you find here what needs to be improved, added or corrected, you can always write to me. Feedback and contacts are located at the bottom of the page. Welcome.

How to learn to draw

Of course, it will be necessary to apply perseverance and diligence to achieve the intended level and goal. You need to devote time, you need to treat drawing with great patience and understanding. It needs to live in that, every day, day after day. Only then, whether drawing or painting will give you their fruits that you have diligently and patiently cultivated and it will be exactly your merit.

If you treat the picture with the soul, then it will reveal to you all of his age-old facets that you just want to fathom. Just allow him to keep abreast with you along the way.

Yes, on this site is really outlined the system of teaching drawing with which you can quickly learn how to draw. You can one day start your way and continue on it without any help. But it is also important to get practical hours, process the information received, experience it, feel it, understand the meaning that it will reveal to you gradually. It is impossible to do it in two weeks or a month. And do not be afraid of mistakes, they will still be. But when you correcting them, step by step, trying to do better, that invaluable practical experience comes, it is it what gives us the opportunity to make these mistakes significantly less. And even then they will, because there are no limits to perfection, as there are no limits of the Universe in which we live.