How to draw a foot

Let's look at how to draw a foot in anime with a simple scheme. How to “see” the foot as a form and how its movement occurs. Take a sketch of the foot in the form of such components:

It looks ridiculous, but here the basic principle of building the foot as a three- dimensional shape is laid. No detail: bones, muscles, tendons. Simple constructor. As a result, it is easier to understand how the movement of the foot in space occurs.

Let's imagine that our anime character is not an ordinary person, but a cyborg hero. Outwardly, he is an ordinary anime hero, a youth, but inside him, instead of ordinary bones, instead of the usual human skeleton, there is a metal structure. Let's come up with a foot structure based on this structure. You yourself create a skeleton for him, and on top you cover with muscles, tendons, skin. For example, the foot of our hero can be arranged as follows:

Rotate it in space, let it be only a constructor for now. Along the way, look at your feet. Stand on your heels, toes, jump. Feel the support apparatus of your foot.

See how the back of the foot differs from the outside. You can draw feet in shoes. Here you need to understand that shoes are on the volume of the foot, which means it repeats its shape. If the foot turns in space or bends, then the shoe takes its shape, repeats its movement.