How to draw an anime

Japanese anime is a kind of "niche" of art with its own laws, methods of drawing, with its own approach to drawing and drawing in general. You must understand that Japan is a closed cultural stratum that has a lot of stereotypes alien to us, they write in hieroglyphs, read from right to left, and the drawing as such is interpreted and understood in a completely different way. What can be said about academic drawing is somewhat unsuitable for teaching anime drawing. Applying academic knowledge of the basics of drawing as such in the study of anime can quickly come to a standstill. Of course, all in the aggregate of knowledge will be very useful to you, but you need to use them in a slightly different way.

If the main rule for teaching drawing is “From the general to the particular”, then the main rule is “From the particular to the general”. This is the case where detail comes first. Gestures, facial expressions, color, clothes, symbols, signs, form, line, position of the figure, the figure itself make up the general image of the anime, each of the details says something. Every detail here means something, each is an important part of the image and tells about something. It’s easier to start by examining these details — eyes, mouth, nose, hair, proportions, clothing, uniform — and by studying everything separately. And the knowledge of the drawing will help to put them together, in one image, will help transform and complete the picture. This path is simpler easier and faster in this case.